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Our Experience

The members of Acelera’s management team have a deep level of experience advising businesses of all sizes. The team’s experience covers a wide array of areas from investment management, strategic planning, and capital raising, to mergers & acquisitions, legal, marketing, and operational support.

We bring our knowledge and experience to each and every client, regardless of size. Below are just a few examples of clients and industries we’ve served throughout our careers.

Small Business Clients

At its core, Acelera Advisory provides strategic, legal and accounting support to the fast growing, yet underserved market of minority owned businesses. 

 Logan Industry,

This client is a startup film production company with a bright future. Acelera provided crucial support to get Logan Industry up and running. We helped the company with debt financing to produce its first documentary which, within one year, has been recognized by multiple academy-award qualifying film festivals across the United States. Acelera also found the company’s first round of investors to finance its commercial production operations. Finally, Acelera and its legal partners provide Logan Industry with ongoing accounting, bookkeeping, and legal services.

Transportation Startups

Acelera is currently advising on the structuring and operations for multiple long-haul freight companies. We will also provide these transportation companies with ongoing accounting, legal, and operational support. As the companies grow, we will help them identify strategic exit options to optimize the value to their shareholders.

 Acelera Financial Corp.

This client is a community development financial institution dedicated to serving small and medium-sized businesses owned and operated by Latino, African American, and other minority owners. The company provides a suite of financing options to small businesses in need of capital, including term loans, bridge loans, and purchase order financing, among others. It has underwritten and processed over 350 loans to small business owners who either live or operate in low-to- moderate income communities within the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Acelera played a pivotal role from the company’s inception by structuring its business strategy, operational plan, and financial model. We also co-invested in the company along with other investors. In addition, we assisted with identifying and hiring key executives, including its CEO. We also serve on its board of directors to provide continued strategic advice.

Large Business Clients

Our management team's experience includes advising or holding executive-level positions in large companies across all industries.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Sector

Some of our team members have either co-founded or advised well-known private equity and venture capital funds managing billions of dollars. This experience includes many aspects of investing from investment origination, preliminary screening, due diligence evaluation, financial analysis, legal analysis, investment evaluation, decision-making, negotiation, legal documentation, and closing. Some of our team members have been involved in highly successful investments and acquisitions in various industries, such as a software company IPO ($8 billion) and a pharmaceutical company ($76 billion).

Energy and Industrial Sector

Our team members have advised or led multinational companies in the energy and other industrial sectors, providing key financial, operational, and strategic planning services. Their performance proved instrumental to the growth of these companies over time, some of which were sold to strategic and financial investors.

Technology Sector

In addition to the software company IPO mentioned above, our team members have been involved in other technology companies. For example, some members have invested in or actively engaged with companies in the Fintech sector. These Fintech companies either disbursed or managed billions of dollars, and our members provided key strategic and operational support.